Some foods are thought to be trigger foods for migraines, but many other foods have also been identified as what may cause chronic headaches. Foods like cheese, chocolate, and red wine can set off a migraine attack if consumed in excess or during a period of intoxication. Despite that, people should avoid other less-known trigger foods which include beet dishes, fermented food derived from soybeans, vinegar or distilled liquors (such as mirin), noodles from Asian countries like Vietnam or Thailand.

Dried fruits

In a world full of fast food, processed foods, and those quick fixes, it can be easy to miss out on some lesser-known but still nutritious options. Dried fruits such as raisins, prunes, and apricots contain amines that dilate blood vessels and can induce a headache. Moreover, dried fruits also contain sulfites like preservatives that may cause a headache in some migraineurs. The symptoms should pass as soon as your body can rid itself of the preservatives

Just because a food is prescribed by doctors to migraine sufferers doesn’t mean that it can’t cause problems. Some nuts and nut butter, such as almonds and peanuts can trigger a headache for you. Read the labels of your food items before consuming them if you’ve been experiencing a lot of headaches or are prone to migraines. Make sure that there aren’t foods containing tyramine, found in products such as beer, which can grow stronger in a dehydrated person and


Some people believe tea to be glimmering drink, with their sweetened flavor undoubtedly intoxicating and achieving infinite potential. For to around two hundred years, however, humans were unaware of the danger that is too much of a good thing: tea can induce headaches in some cases. There are many ways you can limit your exposure to caffeinated drinks if you’re thinking about stopping for good.


Although mushrooms are a common food, those with allergies and migraines can have adverse reactions for some people if consumed too much. One mushroom to watch out for is the Portobello, which contains several substances that can cause headache. When someone eats mushrooms often, they may want to avoid mushrooms with high protein content in general to prevent these types of headaches.


It’s widely known that eggs, if eaten in relatively large quantities for a regular meal can lead to migraines. It’s best to buy eggs that are pasture-raised and insect predated rather than grain fed, and it is also important to know when you need to stop eating them altogether.


Beef can become a trigger for a migraine when your stress levels are high. With poor digestive track health, meats that you eat can build up and exacerbate headaches in susceptible individuals. Prime kitchen appliances include slow cookers, marinades, and the latest advances in meat-o cooking methods meaning you avoid the face-palm inducing fact of avoiding packaged processed meats completely.