The benefits of drinking coffee are no longer in question, with new research published and more released each day that proves it’s good for you. With a relaxing drink that has improved mental health as well as lessening pain, caught your attention? Here are the benefits from this highly touted beverage:

A potential source of antioxidants

A cup of coffee could be the next best thing to say good-bye to arthritis. Coffee packs more antioxidants than green tea and cocoa—long considered a great source of antioxidants which fight inflammation, neutralizing the toxic effects of free radicals which protect our cells.

Happiness and memory booster

Caffeine has many health benefits, some of which are linked to drinking coffee. Some benefits such as lowered stress and improved memory, concentration, alertness and mood in conjunction with other trade-offs. It is always worth considering the alternatives for temporary or long-term replacements for your own needs and desires.

Helps protect against cognitive decline

Moderate consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, as well as many other chronic forms of cognitive impairment. Coffee drinking minimizes the development of risk factors such as type 2 diabetes, leading to reduced risk of dementia. Improved mental alertness is one of the health benefits of consuming coffee.
Healthy for heart

Drinking coffee daily is also a proactive way to combat heart and vascular disease. For example, caffeine can protect against inflammation which has been shown in studies to damage the lining of blood vessels.

Reduces depression

Caffeine has been proven to be beneficial for people writhing from depression. Coffee’s caffeine triggers neurotransmitters that regulare serotonin and dopamine which results in increased levels of mood enhancers, balancing mood levels and reducing depression.

Protects your liver

With the release of winter coming, we may find ourselves craving a cup of hot coffee. A number of studies have shown that coffee drinking prevents conditions associated with liver cancer, such as fatty liver disease.

Gives your workout a boost

Due to its properties, such as the antioxidants and stimulants like caffeine, this caffeinated beverage has health benefits in addition to the taste. Coffee can assist with muscle growth and power. With better circulation, it will help you stay healthy.

Coffee can help you to perk up and find a sense of calm, but it has more merits than it might seem. In fact, the benefits become apparent when the news is backed by research on the health perks of drinking it. The downsides are limited, really, and with enough science around hand, they are negligible.