Fitness Trackers

With fitness trackers, fitness enthusiasts can now watch the difference they make by tracking their actions and weight. Fitness trackers are no different than the smartphones in your pocket – whether it’s with the activity tracker of a watch, these devices go beyond your standard voice and stopwatch based tracker. Set up to track comfort or performance metrics loads of data – this is just one option for accessible fitness for the enthusiasts out there who would like to know their progress better.

Youth is known for being tight on budget and it can seem futile to invest more into a fitness tracker than you have to. With the ubiquity of Fitbit, there are plenty options available at different price points. We decided to take a closer look at the latest models on the market.
Fitness Trackers
Garmin Vivofit band

With daily personalized health and fitness tips, a month’s worth of viral challenges, and 12 super accurate sensors that track steps, heart rate, and location, Xiaomi reveals an accurate fitness tracker for youth.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

This amazing wearable technologies fitness gadget comes equipped with a heart rate monitor, multi-sport tracking for up to 14 sports like running, hiking, dancing, spinning, etc. It can seamlessly connect to your smart phone’s GPS and offer detailed data about your route, distance, and pace from workouts. It has a clock face and an OLED display so you can see outdoors during workouts.

Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker

It is a wearable coach that allows you to upload your own training data and syncs with your smartphone. It can track your speed, distance, progress, and energy expenditure. And the highlight of this device is the fact that it has 3 times the sensors of other fitness trackers, enabling perfect tracking for athletic activities like running. It also provides excellent coaching instructions as well. Lastly, you can use these instructions to get a detailed report on how much sleep you need.

Fitbit Inspire HR

This amazing wearable technology fitness tracker is loaded with features including all-day automatic activity tracker such as steps, heart rate, calorie intake, sleep, distance and more. It also has sleep-tracking features, female health tracking and reminders. To add to it, this product is shower-proof, swim-proof and can even track swimming strokes. So now you can have a device that you can use fearlessly no matter where you are while taking a shower or going for a swim.

Brands to consider, top budget trackers worth the investment

Thanks to the 4-5 stars we’ve seen posted online, this budget fitness tracker is a pretty solid bet. The device only comes in default colors, but that won’t stand in the way of having your own personal device.

With affordable and powerful wearable technology, youth can stay fit and save money at the same time. Trackers such as Fitbit Zip, the low-priced Vivofit 3, and the Iota Spark make it easier for you to stay active and manage nutrition on your budget.