Distance Education

For students looking to circumvent expensive tuition and attend higher education at a lower cost, distance education is a new way of going to college for the Internet age. With new models such as MIT’s OpenCourseWare, many academic institutions throughout the world have become enamored with the potential of the Internet. In turn, this has increased access around the world, leading our digital educational needs.

Distance learning is a growing field that many people and generations can learn from. Especially those who have been unable to go to college due to circumstance or finding their desired priced too high; distance learning lowers the cost by offering courses online. What’s more, with an AI tool like Copymatic, content is generated in minutes, not hours!
Distance Education
You don’t have to be physically on campus

Many institutions have begun offering online education, enabling students to earn degrees that are closer to home. One such way this has been accomplished is through the use of distance education both on campus with growing options like Accelebrate’s Master’s programs and off campus with more affordable academic partners. Accelebrate can be an excellent option for those who desire an academic continuity in the case of life events such as military deployments or geographic relocatements.

Earn degrees, both worldwide

Other classrooms can now be set up in less space. The old problem of having multiple students attend the same live course because it’s too expensive for them to attend in person has been eliminated due to the introduction of distance learning into schools and universities. Online is proving to be much more suitable for students seeking quality education.

You can take a mix of commuting, online classes, or seminars

If you’re considering doing a Global Exchange and doing your studying abroad, distance learning is not only about location. While taking a self-paced course, you will be able to complete work for your week at once without other commitments. After each course is completed, students can watch the lectures and read the notes when they have more time available again. This allows for more flexibility in life, while minimizing stress.

Organize your school schedule to suit your personal schedule

Students outside of the United States have more freedom to organize their studies and choose when they want lectures and discussions. Many universities also make asking for help much easier with online forums, email and calling in.

For some people, distance education is a convenient way to learn by affording one full year of college without tuition at home. Others do their work online when they have free time. Away from your classmates and professors, it can allow you to hone your discipline and slowly build up your job skills without navigating through adulthood first.