The trends in modern day decorating may be simple, plain, and dainty, but some would rather use a more lively and bold design. This blog discusses the trends in modern day interior design that are trending around the world.

Artisanal fixtures

In the last few years, one of the most interesting accessories people worked on was their interiors. They went from buying lamps from a store to shopping for artisanal fixtures at home stores. These unique pieces have a handcrafted feel that offer ambient lighting and not be the focus of attraction.

Natural elements

Whether or not you’re an avid gardener or maintenance-conscious cook, these trends each hold the ability to make your home the ideal reflection of your personality. Whether you are looking for methods on how to decorate and update your living space, or a more detailed explanation of the different types of materials being used by trendsetters in 2019, this blog post provides anything you need to find your perfect interior design

Velvet furnishings

With the recent modern re-introduction of velvet, designers are looking out for some new prints and patterns. You can set up your home with two sofas in contrasting colors, or have your furniture upholrtered out in printed patterns of creamy midnight violet or ebony blue. These intriguing interior designs would give any living space an interesting touch.

Floral patterns

New floral patterns revitalize vintage motifs with a unique twist. From girly florals to nosegays, these prints are perfect for an interior design trend that transcends time and design styles.

Copper accents

Despite its ancient roots, copper has continued to transform into a widely used design element that never seems crowded. Because the metal colors temperatures and changes depending on your light sources and how the object is lined up with one another, it can add richer options to any interior design.

Richer color options

Interior Design Trends for Different Homes: Bolder colors are in vogue these days, although brighter colors can seem contrary because it makes things with a more saturated hue, such as skin and the environment, look more vibrant and vital. The idea behind this is that these bolder hues can inspire your warmer wood tones and natural-hued furnishings to appear like they’re new and alive. Some of the latest interior styles include ushering in “reds”, “yellows”, “g

Brass decor

With the old brass collection come though, you too can bet on a clean design. Brass is still a material worthy of your consideration, but now that it comes in more affordable styles and color options, less is actually more.

Black and white decor

As trends change so do colors in homes. But, thankfully, color seems to be safer. Rather than one bold color, it is appearantly more luxurious in dark tones and black. Simplicity takes on a new meaning in layouts that offer balance and layout contrast for both of usi and functionality.

Geometric patterns

It is the latest trend to see darker, bolder colors. You can make an interior that is chicer yet functional with these geometric throws or even opt for big curtains to take light in with your picturesque home.

Explore some of the hottest, top styles in home design. You’ll be able to add personality and interest to your room with these bold new designs.