Srinagar, September 29, 2023: Vivek Bali, the State General Secretary of Janata Dal United J&K, has called for early elections in Jammu and Kashmir. So that the elected representatives can address all issues of concern to the common people. Vivek Bali said that every political party and citizen are eager for elections in J&K. And with them, Janata Dal United is ready for polls from day one. He further added, “We were pushing to hold polls, but we know the other party (the BJP) may be reluctant to hold elections in J&K.”

“For years now, Jammu and Kashmir has been under Governor or LG rule, and the issues of concern to common people are increasing every day without any proper solution to their problem. So, the only solution in the given scenario is to elect people’s representatives who can address all grievances,” Bali stated emphatically.

He then highlighted the dire need for improvements in some particular sectors. “The health and educational infrastructure require improvement because the present government is unable to do the work as per the people’s wishes in every district of the J&K region,” Vivek Bali said while asserting that the anger against the authorities is not only in Jammu, but the people in Kashmir are equally enduring the challenges. “The people of Jammu and Kashmir have suffered badly at the hands of the non-locals, and they expect a change in the governance. Therefore, both regions demanded early assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir with the restoration of statehood,” Bali added.

As a result of the smart city project’s failure. Seizing on this issue, Bali criticised the Smart City Project for its lack of success and brought up the problems faced by traders, businesses, and hoteliers. Vivek Bali alleged that the BJP is already admitting its defeat even before contesting the elections and deferring ULB, corporation, panchayat, and local body. Bali appeals to all political parties to gather on one platform for holding all levels of the elections in J&K and to fight for the restoration of democracy in the state.