Tezu Airport in Arunachal Pradesh Achieves Milestone with State-of-the-Art Terminal Building

Tezu Airport in Arunachal Pradesh proudly announces the successful completion and full operational readiness of its modern terminal building. The ambitious project, including the new terminal, ATC tower, and CRC, was entrusted to the Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL), a government enterprise, with construction agency “Anand Buildtech Private Limited”. 

Despite facing challenges such as a shortage of skilled labor and essential materials in the Northeast, the project, was initiated in 2019, overcame various obstacles, including continuous rain for seven months and the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to adhere to the set timeframe and all regulatory requirements.

The Tezu Airport project received  an essential support from the Indian government and the Airport Authority of India during interruptions caused by the pandemic. Today, the airport stands as a testament to resilience and successful collaboration, meeting the latest specifications for modern airports.

The Tezu Airport terminal boasts a capacity of 300 persons per hour, aligning with the international standards. Its futuristic design ensures the availability of all necessary facilities. The collaborative effort of key stakeholders, including the Chief Minister, AAI officials, Tezu’s DC, Aviation Minister, MLA, and local residents, has played a crucial role in the successful completion and operational readiness of this state-of-the-art terminal building.

The Tezu Airport is poised to become a vital hub, contributing to the region’s connectivity and development. The airport authorities express their gratitude to all those who have supported and contributed to this significant achievement.