Discover the enchantment of Nature’s Envoy written passionately by duo writers, Mathias Harold Kaiser and Asheley Christine Bibi Kaiser. This book may seem to be fiction but there is a noteworthy motivation that has propelled this book forward. This novel is a call to action that invites the readers to embark on a quest to become part of a global movement to save the environment from pollution. 

Renuka, our protagonist, witnesses the death of Javeed, a dolphin, due to pollution. From there, she is motivated and determined to confront the world’s most significant problem—pollution. She utilises the powerful social media landscape to rally like-minded individuals to join her cause. 

The authors both share a deep connection to India and share their love for all things beautiful. Mathias Kaiser is an entrepreneur and also a spiritual healer who frequently visits India to undergo Ayurveda treatments. This has further deepened his fascination for naturalistic elements.  Ashley Kaiser has nurtured her love for writing and has contributed greatly by channelling her love for the country. 

Nature’s Envoy is a group of highly spirited friends who along with some magic captivate the readers with the changes they bring about in this world. Renuka is fuelled by her grief and anger due to the death of Javeed. The sentiments are also shared by other like-minded individuals to inspire the readers to take responsibility for the planet we live in. Through unity, creativity and of course, magic, they power through the problem of pollution.

The most mesmerising part of this novel is that it is a fairytale from the future. The creative narrative of this novel will keep readers young and old at the age of their seats. The book comprises twists and turns and unique elements that set it apart from other books of this genre.

Small actions create big changes and that’s what Nature’s Envoy is about. Are you ready to join Renuka on her exciting adventure? Go grab your copy now!

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