Childhood Education

If your degree is in early childhood education, you can choose from a variety of career path with this robust field. You don’t need to worry about finding a job though; statistics show there will be more than 1 million by 2020 alone. One area rapidly growing for early childhood education graduates is cognitive psychology.

Early childhood education graduates can explore jobs across preschools, hospitals, schools and day care centers. For instance, many early education facilities hire certified early childhood practitioners to help enhance after-school activities or give students the opportunity during recess to use the playground structures to create art on their own that may be incorporated into the classroom.

Preschool teacher

The demand for preschool teachers is at an all-time high, and it is likely to remain that way for many years to come. Most pre-kinder education graduates are thriving in this line of work. In fact, most degree holders of this kind seek placement as a pre-kinder educator shortly after graduation. This new career takes the student far past the typical rest-of-their-life phase of being just another hired worker from amongst countless competitors in what can be a bitter and personally

Teacher’s assistant

With an early childhood education degree, recent graduates can take on the role of teacher assistants. TAs are helpful in more ways than one; they can assist children with their studies, tutor kids under the tutelage of a teacher, as well as grade and prepare assignments for students.

Social worker

Depending on your state, additional certifications may be needed to gain the privilege to work in certain environments. Becoming a social worker with an early childhood education background is also a viable career option. A social worker may work with multiple agencies, schools, and families directly to ensure safe living environments, provide help for troubled youth, and help families attain resources and basic necessities.


While the conditions of this career are synonymous to those of a preschool teacher, there are some differences. A childcare worker often carries a set of duties that are a bit more hands-on. These positions are usually offered in childcare centers and involve meal planning and distribution, grooming in some cases (such as changing diapers and swapping clothes in case of an accident), monitoring the development of children and working towards becoming director-level positions once you’ve reached certification.
Childhood Education
English language teacher

The English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher position is one that is worth looking into, as the AR Trainer position. Graduates with a BA in Early Childhood Education are required to help children learn and retain the english language.

There are many factors to consider before stepping out of the classroom, but earning a degree in early childhood education will enable you to explore a variety of fields. Though some career paths may require teaching, earning your degree will still leave you with an effective educational background for other fields.