With an extensive selection of beautiful and affordable jewelry, you are sure to find something witty, fun, or comfortable for any outfit. Instead of being restricted by price or manufacturer color schemes, you have the option to coordinate different styles of jewelry with your outfit. Here are some ways you can put your newly found jewelry to good use.

Add just the right amount

Sometimes our outfits can look too busy or dull. It is a personal style that each of us develops, but there are ways to tweak it to make it richer. Create visual depth and impact with adding different textures to your earrings, necklaces, rings, per occasion.

Consider bigger details like your skin tone

Some people question why certain jewelry looks more radiant than others in photos. Most people tend to look at the color of what they’re about to outfit, but with certain clothing items it may not give the optimal look you were expecting. In this case, UV or the skin tone may be responsible for a particular hue turning out less wispy in images. For those with cool undertones, pearls, silver, platinum, and other light- or white-colored jewelry items make sense.

Decide the theme based on the occasion

With so many options and trends, you may find it difficult to go with the right style. Explore what’s trending to find unique options that match your taste. Or check out different occasions to decide that way. Stick with a diamond or gem-filled jewelry style on formal occasions and an all-around affordable pear gold in your must-have casual pieces.

Understand the purpose

For the latter, when outfitting your outfit with extra oomph, you may be ready to truly do it up in style. If you are looking to accomplish this goal and have enough budget to support such a pricey endeavor, consider opting for eye-grabbing designs on clas

Styling versatile pieces work well

If you’re not sure how to style the jewelry you own, invest in jewelry that is made of precious metals like gold and silver, or semi-precious gems like pearls and sapphires. As long as the jewelry has timeless designs and colors, it won’t go out of fashion–you can wear them with any kind of outfit without worrying about it staying on trend.s.

Implement these five simple hacks to create the perfect pair of ornaments for jewelry- all in minutes instead of hours. These tips are also helpful for ensuring that your trademark jewelry coordination doesn’t get left on the backs of your shoes.