India’s first fully automatic Smart garden and farm irrigation system, introduced by Invelligen, breathes life into wastewater. This groundbreaking technology, designed to utilize RO (reverse osmosis) reject water, addresses the critical issue of water conservation by repurposing wastewater from RO systems. 

In a country where water scarcity is a significant challenge, this solution holds immense potential. Invelligen has filed a patent for this promising solution to meet the escalating demand for fresh food with minimal environmental impact.

Founded in 2020, Invelligen is an Indian agronomy innovator transforming urban farming with technology-driven solutions that promote fresh, local food production and resource conservation.

“Our commitment is to provide individuals with the tools and support to grow their own food sustainably, even in the heart of cities,” said Mr. Bhanu, Co Founder of Invelligen. “We believe the future of food lies in empowering urban communities.”

It’s new irrigation system empowers urban farmers to cultivate thriving spaces with a reduced environmental footprint. By redirecting RO reject water, a previously wasted resource, the system makes urban agriculture significantly more water-efficient – a vital step given the increasing strain on freshwater supplies.

The organization recognizes that user-friendliness is crucial if individuals living in densely populated areas are to be able to grow their own food successfully. Their user-friendly gardening platform,, provides exclusive DIY garden trellises, enabling people to easily cultivate flourishing vertical gardens in their homes.

Urban farms, through techniques like vertical farming, can be highly efficient. By 2050, urban agriculture has the potential to produce 180 million tonnes of food from 30 hectares.

Fueled by its sustainable and innovative solutions, Invelligen is rapidly expanding its market presence. A remarkable 125% quarter-on-quarter sales surge on major online marketplaces underscores this growth, further strengthened by the company’s dedicated e-commerce platform and its emphasis on in-house manufacturing within India. This strategy positions Invelligen as a frontrunner in the burgeoning Indian urban farm equipment market.

The global urban farming market is booming, projected to reach USD 219151.95 Million by 2028. Invelligen holds a competitive edge with its patented irrigation technology designed for RO-reject water – the only such solution manufactured entirely within India. This aligns with the “Make in India” initiative, promoting domestic manufacturing and boosting the local economy.

FY24-25 marks a significant expansion drive for the company as it plans to open its own stores in major cities including Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Guwahati, and Gangtok. “The goal is to further its impact on Indian urban agriculture through collaboration with an expanded network of 100 new partners and distributors nationwide”, adds Mr. Bhanu.

The launch of this revolutionary technology aligns with India’s growing focus on sustainability. This commitment, coupled with sustainable practices, positions the company as a responsible leader in the urban agriculture revolution.