Rat menace seems to be an unavoidable and never ending issue at some homes, where rats are found at high rates. Commonly, rats chew on all wirings including the important ones around the engine, shred gauze in air vents, scratch the seats, cushion, damage the batteries and can even possibly start a fire. It leads to engine problems, fluid leaks and electrical problems such as short circuits. In addition, the presence of rats creates foul odor and unsanitary conditions inside the car. All of which results in spending out our hard earned money depending on the severity of damage. It is a challenge for vehicle owners to protect their cars and bikes from potential damage by rodents. The pesky rats are capable of causing total wreckage to your car and make you spend thousands of rupees on the vehicle damage repair. 

To avoid this situation, there are multiple ways you can get rid of rats such as using live rat traps, glue pads, rat repellent sprays, poisoning them etc. But it is humane to only repel the rats and not kill them by using poisonous baits, poisonous repellent sprays or electronic rat traps. It is important to prevent rat infestations in your car and protect your vehicle from damage in the most humane way. There are several rat traps and sprays that only trap the rats and not kill them/ physically injure the rats, such as –

  • Glue traps – These are made by using a non-poisonous adhesive glue over cardboard sheets, which are placed at areas of rat infestation, so that the rat sticks on it when it steps on the glue pad. 
  • Live traps / Snap traps – With tempting baits placed inside the metal rat trap boxes, the rats are allured to the box, which then closes and traps the rat inside. 
  • Rat repellent sprays – Spray solutions are made from chemical compounds that repel rats when they come in contact with the sprayed area. It should be sprayed at all possible areas of rat activity, thus keeping rats away effectively. The spray does not contain any harmful chemicals. 

It is also advised to maintain the vehicle parking area clean, with sufficient light. No food items to be left behind in your vehicles and food spillage should be minimized, as food invites rats to the area. Peppermint oil can be used to keep rats away from your vehicles. 

If you’re tired of dealing with rats infesting your vehicles, the Tom Cat rat and rodent repellent spray offers a humane and effective solution.

A safe and non-toxic approach – Unlike traditional rat control methods that often involve poisons, Tom Cat’s rat repellent spray uses safe compounds. It prioritizes the well-being of both humans and rodents, ensuring a safe and non-toxic experience. You can use this spray without the fear of causing harm to these creatures, as it is formulated to only repel them from your vehicle

User-friendly design – The spray bottles are designed to be user-friendly. Not only are they convenient to handle, but they’re also leak-proof, preventing any messy spills or wastage. Each spray is distributed evenly with the easy-flow nozzle, guaranteeing that the precise amount of repellent is applied

Efficacy without compromise – One might assume that a non-toxic approach sacrifices efficiency, but that’s not the case with Tom Cat. This repellent spray is highly efficient in keeping rats at bay when applied in the vicinity of your vehicle. Whether it’s your car, truck, or any other means of transportation, this spray is your silent guardian, protecting your investment

To make the most of Tom Cat’s rat repellent spray, Start by thoroughly cleaning your vehicle to remove any food particles, dust, or debris that might attract rats. Once your vehicle is clean, apply the spray to potential rat entry and infestation areas, including vents, doors, and the engine compartment. To maintain the concentration and effectiveness of the repellent, repeat the spraying process at regular intervals, approximately every 20 days

Tom Cat ensure safety not just for the rodents but for humans as well. Their spray is formulated to be skin-safe, so even if it comes into contact with your skin, there’s no need for concern

Protecting you vehicle’s vital components – Tom Cat’s rat repellent spray is a unique solution, made to safeguard your vehicle’s engine, wires, and cables. While you may still observe initial rat movement for a brief period, the damage to your vehicle is minimized, potentially saving you from costly repair bills

While numerous brands claim to have the ultimate rodent-repelling spray, it is to be noted that many of these alternatives come with unwanted side effects and are often identified as toxic. Tom Cat, however, stands above the competition in terms of quality, safety, and efficacy. Their rat repellent spray has been rigorously field-tested, demonstrating an effectiveness rate of about 98% in deterring rat infestations

Tom Cat is more than just a pest control brand; it is a global company committed to sustainability. The rat repellent spray is eco-friendly and the spray is made exclusively with water as a solvent and contains no organic solvents. By choosing Tom Cat, you not only protect your vehicle but also contribute to a greener, cleaner world

One of the remarkable features of Tom Cat’s rat repellent spray is its swift action. The repellent effect can become noticeable within hours to days after applying the spray

Tom Cat proudly takes its place as the first brand in India to introduce a rodent protectant spray designed specifically for vehicles. Whether you have a bike, car, truck, or any other vehicle, Tom Cat’s spray repels them, ensuring they stay far away from your vehicles

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In conclusion, Tom Cat’s rat repellent spray is a game-changer in the world of pest control. By combining efficiency with a humane approach, user-friendly design, and skin-safe formulation, Tom Cat provides an ideal solution to protect your vehicle. Make the smart choice today and safeguard your vehicle with Tom Cat rat repellent spray