Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, India. In a magnificent display of civic enthusiasm and cultural diversity, Tenkasi District in Tamil Nadu witnessed a historic event on April 6, 2024, as a massive voter awareness rally, accompanied by vibrant cultural performances, attracted an impressive 8051 participants. This remarkable initiative was led by the District Election Officer cum District Collector and the Tenkasi District SVEEP Team with the goal of igniting public interest in the upcoming elections. Certified by Elite World Records, the event received accolades from R. Rakshitha, Adjudicator. This impactful endeavor aimed to strengthen democratic values and stands as a testament to effective public service leadership.


Under the leadership of A.K. Kamal Kishore I.A.S., District Election Officer and District Collector, along with R. Mathy Indra Priyadarsiny, Joint Director/Project Director of the Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission, and V.M. Sivakumar, Assistant Project Officer of the Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission, the rally boasted 7,436 participants. Citizens from all walks of life converged to advocate for the crucial democratic duty of voting. Complementing this mass mobilization were 615 individuals showcasing 16 distinct cultural performances, adding a rich tapestry of traditional arts to the event. The diverse array of performances included Villu Paatu, Kummi, Senda Melam, Nadaswaram, Roaring Drums, Silambam, Puppet Show, Bharatanatyam, Mulaipari Dance, Spiral Sword Art, and more, captivating the audience and underscoring the region’s cultural heritage.


Addressing the gathering, the A.K.Kamal Kishore IAS., District Collector emphasized the pivotal role of active citizen participation in shaping the electoral process. A poignant moment ensued as all rally participants solemnly pledged to exercise their voting rights in the upcoming elections. The Collector expressed confidence that this collective commitment would significantly boost voter turnout. He emphasized that the vision behind organizing such activities was to increase voter turnout and spread awareness. 

He continued further Highlighting the importance of conducting voter awareness programs to enhance democratic values and foster informed decision-making, he noted that engaging citizens in meaningful discussions about the electoral process significantly contributes to strengthening the foundations of democracy. The record-breaking turnout of 8,051 participants at the voter awareness rally and cultural performances stands as a testament to the success of the campaign in Tenkasi District. This achievement will help spread awareness and encourage greater civic participation. Tenkasi’s SVEEP (Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation) initiative targets maximum voter turnout with tailored strategies that involve engaging marginalized groups, schools, local media, and industry partnerships. Activities include radio broadcasts, advertisements, and local events such as marathons and walkathons, he detailed.


R. Mathy Indra Priyadarsiny, Joint Director/Project Director of the Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission, stated that the rally culminated with a mass pledge administered by the District Collector, underscoring the significance of each individual’s vote in upholding the democratic fabric of the nation. The event organizers expressed optimism that this impactful initiative would translate into increased voter turnout during the forthcoming election. Such initiatives not only serve to educate and empower citizens but also underscore the vibrancy of democratic engagement at the grassroots level. Tenkasi District’s record-breaking rally and cultural extravaganza stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of civic responsibility and cultural pride within the community.This milestone underscores the vital role of community engagement in sustainable societies and will boost voter participation and turnout. “Let this achievement catalyze collective action, shaping a brighter future for generations,” she concluded.


V.M. Sivakumar, Assistant Project Officer of the Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission, highlighted that this achievement is a prime example of democratic principles in action, showcasing a collective commitment to civic engagement. The pledges made after awareness sessions signify a dedicated effort to uphold the values of democracy. This initiative represents a unified voice shaping the future, he added.


S.Sankara Raman, Secretary, Amar Seva Sangam, Tenkasi District ICON for Person With Disability(PWD) Voters, stated that the historic voter awareness rally and cultural extravaganza is thoroughly impressed and inspired by the vibrant display of civic enthusiasm and cultural diversity. Witnessing over 8,051 participants coming together from all walks of life to advocate for the importance of voting left an indelible impression on me. The event, led by distinguished leaders like District Collector A.K. Kamal Kishore I.A.S. and the SVEEP Team, showcased a rich tapestry of cultural performances representing the region’s heritage.  What struck me most was the collective commitment demonstrated by all participants, who solemnly pledged to exercise their voting rights. This rally wasn’t just about numbers; it was about igniting a sense of responsibility and empowerment among citizens, he concluded.


As the nation gears up for the electoral process, the resounding success of this event in Tenkasi District serves as an inspiring example of proactive civic engagement and underscores the importance of every citizen’s vote in shaping the future of the nation.


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