From creating an uber cool look to experimenting with wardrobe essentials, break the rules and ace the non-traditional formal wear look with our style guide. Breaking the Rules: Experimenting with Non-Traditional Formal Wear. Who says that formal wear for women has to be the same old stuff? Modern fashion is all about breaking the rules and owning what you wear. It is about going beyond the tried and tested and creating a look that is your signature to you and expresses your personality as no other look can. And most modern workplaces are now open enough to let their employees wear what they want while being within the limits of the office dress code. 

It is absolutely fine to go beyond what has been traditionally seen as office wear for women, but being in a professional space also demands maintaining decorum and still dressing within the practical boundaries of what you wear in your office. 

Today, formal wear for women comes in a variety of options. Even the most historically formal office wear has undergone a huge transformation and things like formal pants, blouses, shirts, blazers and skirts are available in fashionable options, fabrics, cuts, lengths and designs. Such options make it easy to break the accepted rules and still create looks that make you dazzle at the workplace. 

In this guide, we will tell you how to experiment with formal wear for women and look chic, bold, stylish and still elegant:

Choose to go urban cool

Professional yet cool, now that’s a rare combination that you can create by wearing ankle-length well-fitted pants paired with a sophisticated cotton top and a cool linen blazer. Add a pair of Oxford shoes to complete this cool look. Go for colours like light gray, pink, light blue or lavender for an uber-cool appearance. 

Get the beige badge 

Beige is one colour you just can’t go wrong with when it comes to formal wear for women. It is an evergreen colour that looks elegant and is soothing to the eyes in all seasons. Take a white ruffle shirt and pair it with formal beige pants. Or you can go for semi-formal pants and a crisp formal white shirt. Go for traditional pointed office heels to make a look that is official as well as cool and casual. 

Tweak the corporate look 

We all know that corporate workplaces often stick to the traditional formal look. However, it is possible to experiment with the corporate look and create something out of the box. A crisp white shirt with a checkered fitted dress in light shades will look great. You can add a similar coloured semi-formal blazer on top to look different. Office wear heels or stilettos will make you corporate-ready. 

Blast of contrast 

Bored of wearing the same monotonous shades every day to the office? Then mix and match is the way to go. You can experiment with colours, clothes, and styles and create a semi-formal look that is comfortable and office-ready. Textured pants or skirts, paired with bold and offbeat colours will create an exceptional look that you can flaunt on your important meeting days. 

Pleated to impress 

We often give pleated skirts a miss when thinking of office wear for women. But they are a great option and look really elegant if worn well. Remember, fashion is all about carrying what you wear with elegance. If you know how to carry a style well, you can pull off just about anything. Take a pleated skirt and pair it with a bold coloured top. Add a beautiful necklace to complete the look. 

Go stylishly minimal

Women across the world opt for the minimal office look with plain formal pants and plain formal shirts. But there is a lot of scope to experiment with the minimalistic look as well. So, instead of going for a plain formal shirt, opt for fine checks or stripes in bold colours. And instead of the usual office colours like black and blue, go for orange, yellow, beige, red and brown coloured pants. If you pair such pants with a plain white shirt, then also it will create an attractive look. 

Suite it up

Suites are office staples that women use for almost every important office day. However, you don’t have to choose the same old bold-coloured suits that people have been wearing for decades. You can choose checks and stripes instead. If you choose dark-coloured checks, wear a nice white shirt with it. If your blazer and pants are in a light shade, go for a plain black shirt. Choose semi-high heels to complete this look. 

Why stick to the rules when you can break them and stun the onlookers? This office fashion is all about, experimenting within the boundaries laid down by your HRs. Formal wear for women is no more boring. In fact, there are limitless possibilities and if you dig deep in your wardrobe, you won’t even have to spend a lot of money. You can mix and match, use your old clothes and match them with some contemporary clothes to create new looks.